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My book, Soul Care for Caregivers: How to Help Yourself While Helping Others, is now available.



Soul Care for Caregivers is a guide and toolkit for family and professional caregivers that provides practical suggestions, creative processes, and action steps to help you care for your mind, body, and soul while caring for others.

“Susanne West’s engaging debut book looks at the highs and lows of caregiving with an expert eye and offers practical advice on coping strategies. As a caregiver, West has ample experience in the role. She’s also a psychology professor at John F. Kennedy University and facilitates her own groups and workshops, so she has the knowledge to back up her statements and ability to deliver her message in an engaging, easy-to-digest manner. Her practical advice is supported with real-world examples. She stresses the importance of caregivers setting boundaries for themselves and using intuition and creativity to replenish their souls. Readers may apply the advice in immediate and tangible ways using exercises at the end of each chapter. West also provides questions for self-reflection (“What qualities am I developing as a result of this experience?”), direction for journal writing and other examples to serve as prompts for deeper self awareness. When she tells her personal story, readers will likely be on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. West has an engaging voice, and her book is like spending time with a wise friend. With an authoritative voice and a personal touch, West provides a handy toolbox for caregivers to nourish body and soul.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

"Susanne's clear, powerful prose is thoroughly informed both by her lifelong practice of caregiving and her comprehensive study of the field. I don't think there's a caregiver anywhere who won't benefit tremendously from reading this book, learning the self-nurturing practices she recommends, and living the authentic balance of self-care and caring for others that Susanne not only teaches but also embodies every day of her life."

~ Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality, author, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and Ultimaya 1.0

"To keep caring for others, we must replenish ourselves; otherwise we start running on empty. In the warm and wise voice of someone who has been there herself, Susanne West offers many effective ways to take care of yourself from the inside out. Her book - full of her own qualities of deep kindness and practical wisdom - is a gift from the heart both to caregivers and to those they help and love."

~Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom


SOUL CARE FOR CAREGIVERS: Tools for Resilience and Self-Care

Workshops, Classes and Caregiver Coaching

Soul Care for Caregivers: Tools for Self-Care provides caregivers with tools, resources, support and processes to enrich and enhance the caregiving experience.

Who will benefit from this work?

Formal Caregivers: Helping professionals and volunteers, such as physicians, nurses and social workers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, addiction counselors, hospice counselors, coaches and somatic practitioners.

Informal Caregivers: Family members, spouses, partners or friends who provide support and care for someone in need.

In Soul Care for Caregivers: Tools for Resilience and Self-Care workshops and classes, participants will:

*Receive Guidelines for Creating a Caregiver's Journal

*Explore the personal meaning and transformative potential of their caregiving experience

*Tap into creativity for reducing stress and enhancing life

*Learn tools for accessing inner wisdom to aid in caregiving

*Identify resources for emotional and spiritual renewal and self-care

For dates, times and a schedule of other Soul Care for Caregivers events, contact Susanne West:

susannewest888@yahoo.com or (415) 987-0766.