Seamless Being: Nondual Coaching

In this nondual approach we learn to be present to the totality and richness of our human nature and the fullness of our timeless, infinite nature. Everything is included. We come to see that the finite and the infinite, the conditioned and the unconditioned, are not separate, that we can experience unconditioned awareness in the midst of our everyday lives.

Individual coaching sessions offer the opportunity to:

  • Learn to recognize and rest in unconditioned awareness in our daily lives
  • Increase the capacity to live in the here and now and come into alignment with ‘what is’
  • Cultivate and develop trust in the boundless wisdom that is always present
  • Discover that our well-being is not dependent on the ever-changing realities of our conditioned existence
  • Become more comfortable with unpredictability, change and ‘not knowing’

Sessions are one hour and are available on Skype, phone or in-person in San Rafael, California. I offer a FREE 45 minute introductory session.