Programs and Services

Seamless Being: Nondual Coaching

In this nondual approach we learn to be present to the totality and richness of our human nature and the fullness of our timeless, infinite nature. Everything is included. We come to see that the finite and the infinite, the conditioned and the unconditioned, are not separate, that we can experience unconditioned awareness in the midst of our everyday lives.

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Deep Writing

In Deep Writing groups and workshops you will learn a variety of writing prompts and processes to help you discover your natural writing voice and free your imagination.

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Words with Wings: Writing as a Spiritual Practice

As a spiritual practice, writing is a powerful tool that can take you beyond the limitations of the thinking mind.  When you write freely from Presence, letting go of ‘shoulds’ and expectations, the mind opens and you can access the heights and depths of Being.

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